Sunday, August 10, 2014

A day out at Bolgoda Lake

On Sunday we went to a friends house near the Bolgoda Lake. I have been to this place before but never took any photos to show this beautiful place. Their family has one of the best vintage car collections over here. They have cars of some famous people including Jawaharlal Nehru (the first Prime Minister of India) and the Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike (first female Prime Minister of the world). They are absolute beauties. 
The weather was perfect. It was not too hot and slightly overcasts. The kids had fun as they went jet skiing and was riding the cod bikes all over. We had an excellent biriyani meal and what I really enjoyed was the corn in curry form. First time I tried it corn in curry form and in was absolutely delicious. After dessert the kids continued to with jet skiing and swimming. Before we left we had excellent pizza done in their very own pizza oven. Thanks to our friends we had a wonderful day filled with a lot of out door activity. I am the happiest when they go for a day without any electronic games or devices in their hands:).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Holiday Time

Finally we are having our summer vacation. This year we are planning to do a couple of trips around the island. We started with the hill country. Last weekend we went to a bungalow in Bandarawela. This place is owned by one of our friends and they invited us for a long weekend. The bungalow is in a middle of a small tea estate and it is a really a cute place. I went to Bandarawela after a long time. It was nice to get to the cold climate as it is really hot in the city. The kids had excellent company so they went on long walks along the tea bushes, cycled and played a lot of out door games. The first night we had an excellent BBQ and the kids lit sparkles. After relaxing the first day we set out the second day to see the Ella falls and the Dover temple. This temple is 2500 years old. It is built inside a cave and there is a massive Buddha statue carved on a rock. It is a beautiful statue. Looked so natural.
After the temple we went to a cute place called Cafe Chill. This road is full of small restaurants. If you are in a mood for beer or a hot chocolate or a meal this is a nice place to hang out. The bar atmosphere is almost like in Negambo. The next day we went for a freezing river bath. It was really a nice hike to the river over the rocks and then to this nice basin of water to splash around. There was a family from the village taking a bath there too. It is a lovely feeling to be among the villages. They are so simple, very friendly with a smile and willing to help. The cook and the helper there were just awesome. They fed us so much that I came back with couple of pounds added to my waist line. The food was delicious and we just enjoyed the entire place and the hospitality. Thanks to our friends that invited us it was a lovely trip after a long time. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

Wizard of Oz

 Yet another ballet concert and this time it was Wizard of Oz. My daughter's previous teacher got married and migrated so all her students were transferred to another teacher. Hence, this time it was done by a new ballet school. She was in two acts. She was one of the wizard's helpers that were in green soldier looking kits and part of the volcano and that was gray leotard with a net poncho. The production was a lot of practices for the kids and towards the end it was very tiring. However, the end result was really nice. The kids seemed to really enjoy while performing and I think that is what is important. A few pictures of her the performance to enjoy. Last time it was Snow White.